A child holds a cut out love heart reflecting our services for children with SEMH needs delivered with love, imagination and creativity.

Our Story

Love Squared was founded as Leading Lights in 2014 by a passionate group of children’s experts. We recognised the huge shortfall in services available for children and young people who knew their aspirations, but were missing out on their potential because of Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs.


We were acutely aware of a shortage of imaginative, quality assured provision that could meet individual needs sensitively and with what used to be simply called LOVE.

About us…

We provide imaginative, carefully curated and case managed services for children and families with SEMH needs. We believe that education and wellbeing are fundamentally linked, and that you can’t change long term outcomes without looking at issues holistically. We work with the whole family as much as possible and, for us, it’s about long-term change, not short term outcomes.

Our four key core values are:





What these values mean to us…

Working with children as vulnerable as we do, love and nurture are incredibly important factors despite these being phrases that other organisations may shy away from.

In addition, given the complexity of each of the cases, we believe that it is important to be creative and use imagination to develop programmes that are tailored to each child’s needs.
We have an incredibly dedicated team of practitioners who bring love and imagination to every session they undertake.

We recognise how brave our young people are in defining and pursuing their aspirations which often takes them outside of their comfort zone.

It is our responsibility to match this bravery through advocating for them within their own lives and advocating for SEMH awareness and support more generally.

We want to bring love to children and families’ services. We don’t think it’s enough to care a bit, you have to care a lot if you want to transform outcomes.

We are always looking to grow our Love Squared community. If our story and values resonate with you, explore how you can GET INVOLVED in our fundraising activities or JOIN US as a practitioner, team member or volunteer.