Since we came together to launch Leading Lights Tuition in 2014, we have worked to bring love and kindness into childrens’ services. We were a passionate group of experts who saw the massive missed opportunity to make a real difference to mental health outcomes — which was (and still is) bringing more love and nurturing into the professional framework.

After a few years as Leading Lights Tuition, we became Leading Lights Education and Wellbeing. We were learning a bit further into our mission, and what we believe we have to offer.

Since then, we had a bit of an organisational lightbulb moment. And now, we are Love Squared.

It all started when our CEO was asked an insightful question, sparking some big new ideas.

“What problem are you trying to solve? And if this problem was solved, what would it look like in 30 years?”

We realised that the problem we’re trying to solve is one we are exposed to on a daily basis. And that is children, young people and their families who have had a negative experience with children’s services, and are distrustful of the system.

We want to change the experience young people are having when they try to get help from the system. To us, this means making a place for love and kindness within professional interactions, and the way services are designed.

Mostly it’s because we believe it’s this absence of love that is not only diluting the impact of children’s services, but adding more challenges to the lives of young people.

Love is central to our organisational philosophy. It’s what we believe in as a group of rather compassionate human beings, and it’s a guiding principle we believe could transform children’s services for the better. In every case we take on, and every service we provide — we’re adding to the evidence base that demonstrates the transformative impact of a loving, nurturing environment for vulnerable young people.

For these reasons and more, we wanted to make sure that this commitment was fully embedded in everything we do, right down to the name of our company.

As we began to get even clearer on our vision and mission, and started to dig into what our work means to us and the community we support — we decided that rebranding was the right
option for us.

So this is how our new Love Squared brand was born. Love Squared is meant to represent both our loving, gentle approach, and the huge amount of specialist knowledge held within our team.

We aim to share our knowledge and our love in all of our services, and the ‘square’ is actually intended to represent the holistic support that encompasses our work.

Saying goodbye to Leading Lights and our previous branding has been quite hard for our team. We know that many of our young people really enjoyed the imagery of light, and what light represented to them. However, we’ve also been told time and time again that it’s our knowledgeable, loving approach that makes the biggest difference — and we really wanted this to be front and centre in our new name. We worked hard with feedback from our community on
this decision, and we’re really happy with the results. to make sure that was prevalent in our new name.

It’s exciting to reintroduce ourselves to you, and we have lots of big things on the horizon.

We have never been more focused on finding ways to make children’s services a less stressful environment for everyone — from the professionals working in it, to the families receiving support.

We hope you enjoy our new look as much as we do! We’d love to hear from you if you’ve got thoughts to share.

Thank you for all your continued support,

The Love Squared Team